Put On Your Silly Pants

"Daniel Klawitter’s funny and humane verses are the kind that adults can read to their children, children to themselves, or adults to the children inside themselves. Actual children will giggle over poems about stinky feet and crafty Mr. Booger. Adults will feel a twinge of tenderness as they contemplate “The Land of Babaloo” or listen to a kid who hates his baby brother grudgingly admit that he might love him just a little. Go ahead: Put on your silly pants! It’s time for poems that make you smile."

—Joseph Hutchison, author of The World As Is: New & Selected Poems, 1972-2015, and former Poet Laureate of Colorado

Daniel Klawitter

About Daniel Klawitter (Denver, Colorado Author)

Daniel Klawitter

Daniel is an award-winning poet based in Denver and the author of five books: A Poet Playing Doctor, Put On Your Silly Pants, Plato Poetica, Quiet Insurrections, and The Trickster: Poems for Very Clever Children & Silly Adults. He is an Honorable Mention Winner in the 2017 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards for Children’s Literature and the 2018 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards for Poetry. In addition, out of approximately 150 entries, his poem -“Lunch at Corafaye’s” - was one of only 11 poems chosen to be paired with a photographic interpretation by artist Sarah Jane Sanders and displayed on exhibit at the Norton Center for the Arts in Kentucky.

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