Providential – An Autobiographical Exploration of the Gift of God's Providence

324 Pages
ISBN 978-1952464584

What is God’s will for our lives? And how does our own free will intersect with God’s plan?

In Providential, veteran Catholic communicator Steve Mamanella shares engaging stories from his own personal and professional experience as he affirms that our destiny, as Pope St. John Paul II put it, “lies in the hands of a merciful providence.”

Steve Mamanella

About Steve Mamanella (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Steve Mamanella

Prior to serving as a trusted communicator in the fields of Catholic health care and education, Steve Mamanella led the communications departments of the Archdiocese of St. Louis and the Diocese of Peoria.

He now owns Owl Creek Communications (, a freelance strategic communications consultancy.

A graduate of Bradley University, Steve is married and the father of two sons.