Project Reunion – Calm Act Book 2

Project Reunion
372 Pages
ISBN 978-1530458271

Do they dare to save a dying city?

New York is hopeless.

When the Ebola epidemic broke out, the Calm Act sealed the city behind armed borders. Otherwise contagious refugees could flee and devastate the Northeast.

The survivors outside struggle to make ends meet in a chaotic climate and collapsed economy. They’re grateful for protection from the epidemic. But they feel guilty as sin. The agony of New York weighs on the regional conscience.

Tech whisperer Dee Baker, and her partner Army Major Emmett MacLaren, propose a plan to save the city. Dee leads the Amenac Internet empire, bypassing censorship to empower survivors to help themselves. Emmett is a martial law governor authorized to lead and rebuild. The rule-breaker and the rule-maker could prove a dynamic partnership – or be torn apart.

Can they unify the Northeast to rescue New York? Or is it too dangerous to try?

Ginger Booth

About Ginger Booth (Fairfield County, Connecticut Author)

Ginger Booth

A native of Branford, CT (just east of New Haven), Ginger left on walkabout for 14 years, living in New York City, Denver, Boulder, Dallas, and Tokyo. But she missed the natural beauty of the Connecticut shoreline, and came home.

Ginger is a lifelong writer and computer programmer. The industry just shifts. She's worked in seismic prospecting, microchip design software, ecosystem modeling, and online teaching simulators, especially for environmental issues and fractal mathematics.

Her climate change apocalyptic series, the Calm Act and spinoff Calm Act Feral America, are set in Connecticut and the surrounding area.