Principles of Digital Marketing – 7 Keys to Online Success in Today's Information Economy

Principles of Digital Marketing
128 Pages
ForVera Media
ISBN 978-1533178879

Written with the small and mid-sized business in mind, Principles of Digital Marketing (2nd Edition) reveals 7 Keys to developing a simple Digital Marketing Strategy that will help you reach your target audiences in ways that matter the most.

Each Key in this book gives you a no-nonsense "how-to" blueprint for your Digital Marketing efforts that will help you achieve the online results and goals that you're after.

"Christian's depth of knowledge on the various subjects includes the importance of developing a digital marketing plan, conducting audits and scheduling, proper channel optimization, content creation, analytics and of course, search engine optimization. Christian has many years of experience in determining what works and what does not function so well when it relates to proper social media management and engineering." - Andrew T. Schwarz, MBA

J Christian Connett

About J Christian Connett (Des Moines, Iowa Author)

J Christian Connett

J Christian Connett has been producing seminars, coaching, workshops, and various speaking engagements since 2004 in Interpersonal Relationships, Cognitive Behavior & Self-Awareness, and Digital Marketing.

Keynotes and speaking subjects surround self-awareness, emotional intelligence, marketing from a psychological perspective, digital marketing & web strategy, and currently developing an anti-bullying program.

Speaking Programs & Workshops: - Principles of Digital Marketing - Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal Relationships - I. A.M.: The Four Elements of Life - Virtue & Vice – Cycle of Abuse

As a published Author, Christian’s books include focuses on Personal and Interpersonal Development, Introspective Awareness, and Digital Marketing.