Pow Wow Summer – A Family Celebrates the Circle of Life

Pow Wow Summer
48 Pages
ISBN 978-0873519106

Life is a circle, just like the seasons, from youth through old age. The circle of the year brings seasonal rituals: a winter of preparation followed by a summer of powwows.

A non-fiction portrayal of a family on the pow-wow trail. Beautifully photographed by Cheryl Walsh Belleville.

Marcie Rendon

About Marcie Rendon (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Marcie Rendon

Marcie Rendon, enrolled member of the White Earth Nation. Rendon’s debut novel, Murder on the Red River (Cinco Puntos Press) is currently available. The sequel is being edited. Two nonfiction children’s books are Pow Wow Summer (MN Historical Press) and Farmer’s Market: Families Working Together (CarolRhoda).

With four published plays she is the creative mind behind Raving Native Theater, which produced Rendon’s play Bring the Children Home… at 4 venues in 2015-16. She is a recipient of the Loft’s 2017 Spoken Word Immersion Fellowship with poet Diego Vazquez. Additionally, her poem Wiigwaasabak was awarded a place in the St. Paul Almanac’s Impressions Project Summer 2017.