Pilgrim of Fate – Curious Adventures of Brother Samuilo

Pilgrim of Fate
320 Pages
Omnia Mea Publishing
ISBN 978-1-941254-05-9

The story of a young man from the Balkans who at fourteen opened his mouth and spoke. From a lovable mute in his childhood to an incredible journey into adulthood, Dino wears the robe of a monk, the uniform of a soldier, and the coat of the royal diplomat.

"I'm back to my original status of an idiot. Much older I never will be, not much wiser, but with lots of memories to share. Now that I can talk, if you are willing to listen, before they execute me, I will tell you my story."

Pilgrim of Fate, Volume 1.

Gene Luke

About Gene Luke (Orlando, Florida Author)

Gene Luke

AUTHOR GENE LUKE is of Serbian origin. Born and raised in former Yugoslavia, he acquired the love of literature from reading and studying the European Classics. At fourteen, his first literary achievements were published in the Middle School Journal, and at nineteen several of his poems were published by the University Press, the LitMag for young poets, and the Yugoslav Army Newspaper. In 1999 his first book, Chronicles of the Milwaukee Serbs was published by the Heritage Press in both Serbian and English. The book of short stories about the Serbian immigrants in America, Promasena Vremena (The Land of Opportunity) was published by JR Publishing House in 2002 in the Republic of Serbia and in 2004 PROSVETA Publishing House published his first novel, Tima Tishler. Author Gene Luke wrote the above works in the Serbo-Croatian language. The Award-Winning historical novel, The Artisan, is the author’s first book written in the English language and published in 2016. The second novel, volume 1 of the trilogy Pilgrim of Fate, was published in 2018. Gene Luke lives in Florida and continues to write new stories in both languages.

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