Pieces United – A Secretly Broken Novel

Pieces United
304 Pages
ISBN 9780991426133

Strength is what it takes to walk through chaos. Normalcy - even in its smallest degree, is a bonus. Resilience is the prize gained when your true circle can be trusted in your darkest, craziest, most unexplainable moments. Denise, Sweet, and Carol find their normalcy stirred and shaken by a wealth of new challenges in Pieces United. Infidelity, lies in the name of protection. Truths and "maybe truths" will all shock you to the core. Their lives are complex but together they're a force to be reckoned with.

In Pieces United, new enemies invade and old ones shed their wool. Will they give up on the people and things they love, or get to the soul of who they are and what they truly desire? Will they gain strength from their chaos while maintaining their fabulous feminine fire?

Shanier Souffrant

About Shanier Souffrant (Miami, Florida Author)

Shanier Souffrant

The gift of storytelling is rewarding when your imagination takes control most of the time. As it happens, Shanier is one of those rare gems that will go to the debts of creativity in an effort to draw you in. Since all of the characters in her head refused to stop speaking so loudly, writing became therapy.

She has been a lover of all things, "Arts" her entire life. It wasn't until five years ago that she decided to take a stage play that she'd written and turn it into her debut novel, Secretly Broken.

Shanier is also very passionate about helping others find their relevance through her writing. This indeed proves her mantra to be true, "there is truth in fiction. Truth will always lead to a win, but sometimes you may have to ease people into it."

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