Picture It: Homeopathy – A Picture-Based Guide to Homeopathic Remedies and Personalities

Picture It: Homeopathy
80 Pages
ISBN 978-1477601891

When you meet someone new, through daily life, at work, or as a doctor seeing a patient, you form an immediate impression of that person. Over time, you get to know that person better by becoming familiar with their habits, quirks, and mannerisms. "Picture It: Homeopathy" combines both of these characteristics in learning about people through the study of homeopathy, providing picture-based snapshots with in-depth descriptions of 32 common remedies and their personalities.

Whether you're a student studying homeopathy or just interested in learning what homeopathy is all about, this unique and imaginative book offers a fun and exciting way for you to learn. Combining visual artistry with clear, concise descriptions, "Picture It: Homeopathy" makes the study of this fascinating medicine accessible to everyone. In a relaxed and humorous tone, Dr. Patel brings the study of homeopathy, and thereby people, into a fresh new light.

Aarti Patel

About Aarti Patel (Portland, Oregon Author)

Aarti Patel

Aarti Patel, ND, is a naturopathic doctor, author, and homeopathic practitioner who lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family. She specializes in women’s health and skin conditions, often using a mind-body approach in her treatment plans.

She believes that health is not about perfect diets, hours spent at the gym, a magic cure from supplements or pharmaceuticals, or any one particular belief or ideology. Rather, it's life itself, how we treat it and support it, and the courageous actions of the individual in the face of real life challenges.

Dr. Patel is the author of "Acne: Just Another Four-Letter Word," a book about reclaiming your life from acne. She is the author and illustrator of "Picture It: Homeopathy," a cartoon-based guide to constitutional homeopathic remedies and their personalities. She has also written "The Art of Health," a book about taking charge of your health in an artful and enjoyable way rather than overly relying on the medical industry and health care gimmicks.