Participation Marketing – Unleashing Employees to Participate and Become Brand Storytellers

Participation Marketing
288 Pages
ISBN 978-0749482107

Participation Marketing explores the benefits of getting employees to subscribe to a brand’s ethos in order to magnify a brand’s voice. Employee advocacy has always been worth investing in, but the importance of leveraging it has massively increased with the explosion of unique social media connections. Earning the respect and passion of hard-working employees, and encouraging them to share the company’s activity in their personal channels, importantly communicates a transparent and human brand.

This book will help business leaders think strategically about employee advocacy as a new channel to market and will show them how to develop trusted brand messages. Participation in company activity and sharing content not only helps reach wider communities with trusted peer-to-peer endorsements, it also reinforces the credibility of a company as a positive brand experience. Alongside higher employee engagement, retention and productivity, Participation Marketing shows you how to work with the most vital influencers that any organization can have: its employees.

Michael Brito

About Michael Brito (San Francisco, California Author)

Michael Brito

I’ve been building brands online since Al Gore invented the Internet. 👊🏼

I am a digital strategist, published author, TEDx speaker, adjunct professor, and avid 49ers and Lakers fan with over 20+ years of experience helping organizations break through the clutter and reach their audience with game-changing content.

I have written two books with one on the way 📖:

➜ Smart Business, Social Business: A Playbook for Social Media in Your Organization (2011)

➜ Your Brand: The Next Media Company: How a Social Business Strategy Enables Better Content, Smarter Marketing, and Deeper Customer Relationships (2013)

➜ Participation Marketing: Mobilizing Employees to Participate and Tell the Brand Story (2018)