Parallel to Paradise – Addiction and Other Love Stories

Parallel to Paradise
166 Pages
ISBN 978-1-938814-03-7

Georgia eats her blanket. Aiden gets drunk on Red Eye and falls in a bathtub of wallpaper paste. Alice loves a one-legged Mexican cowboy.
Parallel to Paradise, Addiction and Other Love Stories makes the ordinary askew. The storylines tend to be hard, perhaps controversial: The mother of a heroin addict; a young Catholic girl contemplating an abortion; a gay boy growing up in the Wild Wild West; butter sculpture. But even a crumbling building has beauty. Even an addict has beauty. Here's a few samples lines:

I married George, not in the Catholic Church, but in the Muir redwoods. It was very early in the morning and I wore a veil of fog held in place with a single gardenia.

The pretty angel on my hospital bed begins to fade and gold angel dust falls all around me and I kind of want to snort it. But I fall back to sleep without saying goodbye.

He didn't look like a heroin addict but he was as skinny as the word lily.

I don't know that Virginia City was the best place for a drunk. For the love of God, we owned our own bar and if Mum kicked him out, Dad had only to walk two doors down either direction and another stool trilled round, all shiny red vinyl, like it was calling his name. "Auld Aiden, come sit on my face!"

Laura Newman

About Laura Newman (Reno, Nevada Author)

Laura Newman


Laura Newman is the author of Parallel to Paradise, a collection of short stories published by Le Rue Press. (Not self-published, but Le Rue is a small press and as of this date has not distributed the book. Thus presence is primarily on-line and local.)

Parallel to Paradise won the 2014 Poynter’s Global Ebook GOLD Award for Short Stories.

One of the stories from the collection was accepted for the Huffington Post's 50 Fiction Series. Newman’s book was included on the Reno Gazette Journal’s “Bucket List” of top books by Nevada authors / about Nevada. Some of Newman’s work has been banned by the Catholic League.  

Laura is an American Marketing Association and Addy Award winner. She is the 2012 recipient of the American Advertising Federation’s Community Contribution of the Year award for creating public awareness for the rise of heroin use. She is several-time winner of the Reno News & Review Short Fiction contest, and 2014 winner of the Best Creative Writer award.

She is currently working on her second book of short stories.