Pacific Prep – Bloodlines

Pacific Prep
350 Pages
Writer Stain Publishing
ISBN 9781734965223

PACIFIC PREP: BLOODLINES follows three teenagers as they learn what it means to put others above themselves. It is much more than a young adult paranormal novel, it touches upon the world's greatest topics, from the vaults of history to the complexities of love and the reaches of friendship. It argues whether being supernatural is actually "better" than being human.

Brett Biaggio

About Brett Biaggio (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Brett Biaggio

Hello! I’m Brett Biaggio. Always a passionate reader and storyteller, I began writing The Pacific Prep Series in 2013 after my best friend passed away. As I struggled to cope with the death of my friend, this story emerged from the grief, and with that parts of my experiences and emotions are imprinted on the characters you’ll journey with.