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ISBN 979-8623950673

What would the discovery of a new energy source do for mankind? What would it do to mankind?

When a retired engineer discovers the secret to a new energy source . . . and creates the capability to distribute it wirelessly, you would think the whole world would celebrate.

But . . .

There are those who fight this innovation, taking whatever means they can to stop the development and destroy the man who has the secret. Murder; Treason; Biological Weapons: They're all here.

The resulting investigation places Kent and his friends right into the middle of a plot to force the nations to create a one-world government, with a secret cabal in control.

P.O.W.E.R. is the name of their game!

C. K. Phillips

About C. K. Phillips (Chattanooga, Tennessee Author)

C. K. Phillips

C. K. Phillips is a (mostly) retired educator who is an avid reader. He has taught and been an administrator in K-12. Following his retirement, he has worked various education-related jobs, including writing and coordinating grants and consulting. Dr. Phillips now teaches online courses in addition to his writing.

Comes The Awakening was his first novel and introduced the series featuring Phil and Cyndi Kent along with retired special forces agent Bill Lander. Phillips' second book in the Kents/Lander series was Echoes of Skeletons Past. He has now completed the third in the series: The Survival Initiative. At this time, all three books are rated 5-star on Amazon. The books are available as Kindle eBooks or print in the genre Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense.

Although he implies no comparison to them, he points to Cussler, Baldacci, Brown, and Grisham as some who have inspired him to write. He lives with his wife in Cleveland, TN, and welcomes your comments at authorckphillips@charter.net. Phillips is also available to provide presentations.

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Phone: 423-593-4052