Outward Bound Lessons to Live a Life of Leadership – To Serve, to Strive, and Not to Yield

Outward Bound Lessons to Live a Life of Leadership
144 Pages
ISBN 978-1523098309

For nearly six decades Outward Bound USA's education programs have shaped the lives of tens of thousands of participants. Strangers are put in an unfamiliar and unpredictable setting, where to succeed they must develop a sense of teamwork, resilience, self-confidence, and a focus on the greater good. But, Mark Brown asks, isn't the modern world just as unpredictable and challenging as any mountain or desert? He shows how the same principles that bind people together in the natural world work just as well in cities, companies, and communities.

This book explores the concept of Expeditionary Leadership through the stories of people such as third-generation business steward Laura Kohler, the Home Depot cofounder Arthur Blank, and former United States Senator Mark Udall, whose lives were touched by Outward Bound and who then went on to make a positive difference in the world. They show how each of us can, in our own way, use the Outward Bound philosophy to bravely face the wild unknowns in our daily lives.

From training the first Peace Corps volunteers to partnering with thousands of educational institutions and corporations, Outward Bound has helped build the self-confidence and character of participants who have gone on to live richer, more fulfilling, and successful lives. Outward Bound internationally operates in thirty-three countries and impacts nearly a quarter of a million people annually.

Mark Brown

About Mark Brown (Hawaii Author)

Mark Brown

Mark Michaux Brown worked for more than twenty years as a field instructor and program manager for Outward Bound. Mark developed some of the first leadership development programs that utilized Outward Bound principles inside organizations, working with companies such as the Home Depot Charlotte Pipe & Foundry and Cox Enterprises. He later joined the leadership team of a New England company using Expeditionary Leadership principles to transform its culture.

Mark currently works as a master organizational guide, executive coach and consultant, leading people and organizations to thrive through change. He also serves on the advisory board of several organizations, including two technology start-ups and the University of New Hampshire's Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics.