On the Verge – Ink Slingers Guild Anthology

On the Verge
210 Pages
ISBN 9780988579989

The Ink Slingers Guild started a tradition in 2012 with their first book of short stories, Beyond the Threshold. In 2013 Into the Abyss was released and we're excited to bring you our third book, On the Verge. Our collections of short stories are based on the writing exercise done at every ISG meeting. The exercise is to have three members each pick one word and then everyone has five minutes to compose a story that must include the chosen words. As with any creative outlet, members take each other into new worlds the way only writers can. For the annual book, ISG member-only authors may take as long as they like to create their anthology story as long as it is kept to approximately 10,000 words and contains the chosen words for the year. The words that were chosen this year were: * Destiny * Rogue * Sarcasm Each story is a journey created just for you, so sit back and enjoy as the Ink Slingers Guild keeps you On the Verge of your seat!

Erika Lance

About Erika Lance (Tampa Bay, Florida Author)

Erika Lance

Erika had the unique opportunity to live in several different environments across the country growing up, giving her a colorful perspective on life. Born in Minnesota, she spent most of her formative years in Hollywood, then a ranch in New Mexico on the border of an Indian reservation. With a love of the arts since she was a child (acting, painting, sewing and dancing to name a few!) she found her passion in writing. Beginning with short stories, poems and articles for local papers, "Jimmy" is her first published fiction story.