On The Road To Bliss – A Poetic Journey

On The Road To Bliss
138 Pages
ISBN 978-1497362123

On The Road To Bliss is filled with ideas and inspiration for the reader to seek bliss in their own life. It provides reflective and interesting poems, some of which were inspired by the beautiful photographs found within its pages.

The word bliss is uniquely explained in the chapter headings using each of its letters: B for beauty, L for love, I for inspiration, S for sensuality and S for spirituality. It’s best to take time reading, viewing and absorbing the messages within this delightfully unique poetic book.

Eila Algood

About Eila Algood (Hawaii Author)

Eila Algood

A native New Yorker living her dream life in Hawai’i with wife, Holly, Eila’s been writing since childhood. Her passion is to give voice to the invisible. Whether emotions, actions or experiences with the unseen world of Spirit, she’s committed to writing and speaking her truth.

Her certification in Transformative Language Arts inspired her to bring spoken word to her community by organizing public readings. As a radio DJ of “Women’s Voices”, she plays songs and spoken words by female artist from Hawai'i and around the world.

Published works include, On The Road To Bliss, Rhapsody in Bohemia, and numerous pieces in newspapers, magazines and anthologies.

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