On the Road From Burns – Stories from Central Oregon

On the Road From Burns
214 Pages
ISBN 9780964650633

On The Road from Burns brings to life a still remote part of the American west. In sixteen stories, dating from 1853 to 2037, Haynes presents pioneers, Indians, scoundrels, lumberjack daughters, and even aliens who love to ride horses. Take a wild ride with a master storyteller.

"Get ready to time travel through Central Oregon on a magic carpet of glistening and delightfully quirky stories in which unforgettable characters play out their lives against the vivid high desert landscape. Combining his love of Oregon's outback with his skill as a short story writer, Haynes has created a delicious concoction." - Ellen Waterston, Author of Where the Crooked River Rises and Via Lactea, A Verse Novel due out from Atelier 6000 November 2013. Founder and president of the Writing Ranch

"These stories are a delight. Vibrant, inventive, varied, original and packed with colorful characters, they explore a special place and its people with a practiced eye and a generous heart." - Tom Parker, author of Anna Ann Annie and Instructor, University of California Berkeley Extension

Ted Haynes

About Ted Haynes (Bend, Oregon Author)

Ted Haynes

Ted and his wife have loved every summer they've spent since 1996 at Vandevert Ranch on the Little Deschutes River. "Suspects" is Ted's third book set in Central Oregon.

The author is a member of the Central Oregon Writers Guild, The Deschutes County Historical Society, and Mystery Writers of America. He serves on the board of the Waterston Desert Writing Prize, awarded every year at the High Desert Museum. He swims regularly at the Juniper Swim and Fitness Center in Bend and plays golf at Sunriver and Crosswater. He has fished many of the lakes and rivers in Central Oregon, including the Deschutes, Little Deschutes, Crooked, and Fall Rivers, East Lake, and Crane Prairie.

Ted graduated from Dartmouth College and the Graduate School of Business at Stanford. He has studied writing with Lynn Stegner, Nancy Packer and Hillary Jordan at Stanford and with Tom Parker and Donna Levin at UC Berkeley.