No Time For Fools – A Frank Moretti Thriller

No Time For Fools
375 Pages
Frederick Wysocki
ISBN 978-0-9913756-7-7

Frank Moretti has a gunshot wound to his thigh, courtesy of his cousin AJ Rizzo, who believes that he is the rightful heir to his father Anthony Rizzo's syndicate. Frank would gladly walk away, but his uncle Anthony has made it clear he will have Frank killed should he try. Will Naomi, his new female bodyguard, be able to protect him from the Rizzos? Will Frank finally gain control of his destiny? His world will be turned upside down. One thing is certain; his life will never be the same.

No Time For Fools is a sequel to The Start-up and to Blood Rivals

Book 3 of the Frank Moretti Thrillers

Frederick Wysocki

About Frederick Wysocki (Phoenix, Arizona Author)

Frederick Wysocki

Frederick Wysocki is an author of crime and spy fiction.