Never Leave Me – Adventures of Amy #1

Never Leave Me
228 Pages

A criminal father... changes she never imagined... and a past she never dreamed of...

Thirteen year old Amy had always lived a normal life, before the police started looking for her dad. When her dad leaves her with cousins that she has never met, she wonders if she will ever see him again. Will her life ever go back to being normal? Can anything give her the peace that she wants?

When Amy gets kidnapped, and finds out she's not who she thought she was, she wonders if God is really there. Will Amy live long enough to find out who she really is? Join Amy as she learns to keep her mind on the Lord.

Priscilla J. Krahn

About Priscilla J. Krahn (Fargo, North Dakota Author)

Priscilla J. Krahn

Priscilla J. Krahn is the youngest of seven and lives on a farm in northern MN. Priscilla always loved to read her older siblings books, and that love of reading, sparked a passion for writing. Her goal is to write books that not only entertain, but that also share a Biblical message.