Mystic – Postcard History Series

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ISBN 1-467-2595-4

On the banks of the Mystic River, the Connecticut community of Mystic has a maritime history that stretches back beyond the founding of the nation. Starting as a Native American settlement, the area switched hands--first to the Dutch, then to the English--before finally becoming a part of the United States after the Revolutionary War. Mystic's location made it an ideal port for coastal commerce.

As the nation grew, so did Mystic, with the village using its unique location to serve both the coastal fishing industry and the US Navy. The Mystic drawbridge serves as a reminder of the community's maritime heritage. In its current state, Mystic serves as both a cradle to some of Connecticut's oldest families and a tourist attraction for those wanting to sample vintage New England life.

Jade Huguenin

About Jade Huguenin (Other Author)

Jade Huguenin

Jade Huguenin was born on a U.S. Navy base and spent her life traversing America as a "navy brat." She is an author, community organizer, youth mentor, and sheltie aficionado as well as a direct descendant of several New England and Acadian founders, including Filles a Marier and Filles du Roi. Jade studied at UConn, Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, and Connecticut community colleges.

She co-founded the Matthew Chew Memorial Scholarship For The Arts; worked for the US Coast Guard and the US Navy; and enjoys performing in community theater and modeling. Her community work has been covered by NPR and southeastern Connecticut news outlets, and her writing published by various newspapers and academic publications, as well as Brownstone Press, and Arcadia Publishing. She currently serves as the Vice President of the Sandpoint Literary Collective (SLC) in Sandpoint, Idaho, where she now lives.