374 Pages
ISBN 978-1-5092-0609-4

Orphaned and abandoned by family, Lady Cassandra Montgomery yearns for love. Beautiful and innocent, she attracts the attention of a renowned rake, the duke of Althorn. When her security is threatened, she offers him a proposal for an arranged marriage in exchange for his guarantee of safety for her and her ward.

After her first taste of desire in his arms, she finds the sexual attraction irresistible. Finding herself in a family way, she leaves his home, unsure of his love. The Duke is at first enraged by the brazen behavior, yet he sees Cassandra as a captivating caregiver for his mother and impossible to resist. He agrees. The arrangement becomes inconvenient because love and sex enter the equation.

Will she believe her husband truly loves her and return to his waiting arms? Will the Duke admit his love and use his rakish skills to woo Cassandra back to his bed?

Sandra Masters

About Sandra Masters (Fresno, California Author)

Sandra Masters

From a humble beginning in Newark, NJ, a short stay at a convent in Morristown, NJ, to the boardrooms of NYC, and a fantastic career for a broadcasting company in Carlsbad, California, to the rural foothills of the Sierras of Yosemite National Park, Sandra Masters has always traveled with pen and notebook. It’s been the journey of ten thousand miles with a few steps left to go. Trading boardrooms for ballrooms, she left her corporate world behind and never looked back. Nothing she expected, but everything she dreamed. She lists her occupation as Living The Dream.

Masters is a storyteller. Gather 'round, sip some chocolate cocoa, and allow yourself to become transported you to where you never been…the land of make believe. She has more yesterdays than tomorrows and has known many things…content to look through the lens of make believe to bring romance into your life. go to: and order direct any of the five books.