My Chocolate is Beautiful – Happy In My Skin

My Chocolate is Beautiful
111 Pages
ISBN 979-8642768471

This book is about a young lady who is enjoying her life with her family when divorce hits and everything that she is used to is no longer. She and her family have lived in the best neighborhoods with friends but then something happens and she no longer has those close friends with her. She finds things different in this new school and learns even more about herself.

This book is an excellent representation of how you can change how you deal with hurts and pains and turn them around in your favor.

Seletha M. Head Tucker

About Seletha M. Head Tucker (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Seletha M. Head Tucker

Seletha Head Tucker was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and begin writing early in her life with poetry. She is married to Andrew Tucker for almost 30 years and has two children, Andrea and AJ, who reside in Seattle and LA.

She relocated to St. Louis, Missouri, in 2017 and began working as a kindergarten teacher. She has always been a teacher at heart and finally received her Master's degree in education. After returning, back to teaching, she also began writing and has now published 15 books including women's books, spiritual books (prayer and devotional), and children's books.

Her desire is to uplift and inspire people to trust that God has a plan for your life and you should trust that plan and do whatever possible to be who you are in the plan.

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