My Child, As You Grow Older – Lessons For Life

My Child, As You Grow Older
32 Pages
ISBN 978-1944733599

My Child, As You Grow Older is am encouraging and inspirational book for both children and adults of all ages. This book is a blueprint for how to learn and grow from adversity, and how to emerge from it with a positive outlook and renewed strength. A celebration of resilience and self-esteem, "My Child, As You Grow Older" is an heartfelt, encouraging and uplifting book, for all to enjoy.

Laura Doyle

About Laura Doyle (Grants Pass, Oregon Author)

Laura Doyle

I am an author who has been writing poetry since I was a little girl. I have always loved to express myself through poetry, other writing and also in painting. I love to inspire and encourage others to be all that they are, or can become on the journey of life.

One of my poems, titled "Lead by Example," was published in the International Who’s Who in Poetry in 2012.