Murder Is An Education

Murder Is An Education
373 Pages
ISBN 978-1502928986

Gilbert Clifton has a life that most would envy. As a well-respected detective for the Camden, NJ Police Department, he gets to catch the bad guys with the help of his partner and protégé, Cornell Bush. Gil also has a blossoming relationship with his girlfriend, the beautiful and business savvy Cassandra Marshall. But is his life really that charmed?

By August of an election year three unsolved murders were plaguing the intuitive detective. There were no apparent motives, no connected patterns and the crime scenes were eerily absent of forensic evidence. The astute detective thinks the murders were committed by a serial killer or killers. However, his superiors don’t believe it to be possible as neither the crimes nor victims have anything in common . . . . or do they?

As the months go by, additional murders have taken place and by December the unsolved murder toll had risen to seven. Gil comes to the conclusion that he must turn to a most unlikely criminal advisor – The Professor.

As the investigation progresses, secret lives, hidden agendas and obscure relationships are revealed in this intriguing look at the underbelly of reality and proving that Murder Is An Education.

Randy L. Hilmer

About Randy L. Hilmer (Austin, Texas Author)

Randy L. Hilmer

Randy L. Hilmer retired from the corporate gaming business in Las Vegas, NV. He earned honorary degrees in college, Kappa Delta Pi and Pi Gamm Mu. He also received his C.P.M. certification in Procurement.

Randy's first novel, Murder Amongst Friends, was years in the making while he researched writing techniques, pitfalls of beginning writers, and searched for an editor. This book was published in 2013 with BFF Spells Murder in 2014, Murder Is An Education in 2015, and Murder Before Pleasure in 2017. In addition, he has written one musical play and one Christmas play.

He also has written three children's book with his son, Ryan, doing the illustrations. These children's book contains a storyline in poetry, an activity, and a coloring section.