More Than Presidents – The personal lives of men who shaped our nation

More Than Presidents
176 Pages
Simple Solutions 2 LLC/Publishing Group
ISBN 978-0-615-55292-7

Rapid City is called The City of Presidents, with life-sized bronze statues of all US presidents on display on its downtown street corners. Many visitors began asking for a book that contained all of the presidential biographies. Using more than 20 reference books and countless pages of online research, I found history, especially political history, was always open to personal interpretation. By writing about the personal lives of these men who shaped a nation, my goal was to be impartial, informative and factual. I hope those who read this book will accept it as historical storytelling.

My research found common threads in the lives of these men-the strong influence of family, hard work, religion, service, and self-reliance. These stories display challenges, tragedies, humor, poignancy, and intrigue. Many historical stories parallel those in the headlines today.

It is the author's hope that the reader will enjoy learning about the nation's leaders on a personal basis and feel that you now know them as people, not just presidents.

Nancy Todd  Engler

About Nancy Todd Engler (South Dakota Author)

Nancy Todd  Engler

Nancy Todd Engler, local author, served on the Board of Directors for The City of Presidents. Her role was to research and document the personal lives of each U. S. President. In the research process, Nancy chose to delve into the personal lives of each president, telling the personal stories of the men who would be president. She ultimately authored a four-color book of the statues and the biographies of all our national leaders, “More Than Presidents.” She is presently writing her second book, “Courage to Create a Nation”, a biographical insight into the signers of the Declaration of Independence who put their very lives on the line to form this country.

As a volunteer in the local jail ministry, I found the circumstances of incarcerated females to be a story that needed to be told. As I continue in the vast research for the “Courage..” I am writing a book about my experiences of working with these women; the bad choices, their separation from family and children, their pasts, their present and their potential futures. The working title is either “Feeding the Hungry” or “Tell them we’re not monsters!”, this statement made by an inmate when I asked the group what message they wanted me to relate to the church that was supporting this ministry.

Engler is a retired executive who, at age 72, began her writing career. Now, at age 78, she is wife of Joseph for 58 years and mother of three incredible daughters, grandmother and great-grandmother, and more active than ever.