Moonshiner's Revenge – Book 2 in The Moonshine Series

Moonshiner's Revenge
213 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9835919-9-3


Sequel to the award-winning Ministry and Moonshine (Winner, 2013 North Texas Book Festival Award) Young preacher Matt Reynolds and his wife, Beth, spent a year in the tiny East Texas town of Pruett, spreading the gospel, making remarkable friendships, and facing many unforeseen troubles. As they prepare to move on to a new town and a new beginning, an unexpected development changes everything. Instead of moving on, they find themselves thrown once again into the peculiar life of the town and its colorful characters. The preacher and his wife have already faced malicious gossips, murderers, bootleggers, adulterers, and moonshiners, and have come through mostly unscathed. What could be worse than any of those? Matt has never doubted that "The Man Upstairs" is in control, but he wonders what message He is sending when he must form an alliance with some of the meanest, most disreputable folk in the area to fight forces much more sinister than moonshiners. He and Beth find themselves staring down a dark road filled with mystery and danger that could threaten not only their own safety but the very survival of the town.

Fred L. Funk

About Fred L. Funk (Dallas, Texas Author)

Fred L. Funk

Fred L. Funk was born in Denton, Texas, the son of a Methodist minister. His mom was an accountant. He grew up in Denton and Arygle, Texas. Fred graduated from Denton High School and shortly after graduation, he married the love of his life and after fifty-three years he and his bride have proved that young marriages can work. He studied at North Texas State University (now UNT) and transferred to East Texas State to pursue a pre-theology degree, minoring in psychology. After serving for several years as a Methodist minister, he changed his career path to accounting and finance. He found his mother's line of work more to his liking. After thirty-five years with a national retail furniture company, he retired. Twenty years into retirement he discovered his passion for writing.