Moonshine Memories – Book 3 in The Moonshine Series

Moonshine Memories
233 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9911515-5-4

More than forty years have passed Since Matt and Beth Reynolds lived in the small East Texas town Of Pruett, where they received an eye-opening education about human nature. Some Of those lessons resulted in lifelong friendships and others became-the stuff of nightmares—quite literally; in Matt's case. As a homecorning celebration at the old church approaches, Matt frequently relives in his dreams the most harrowing experiences of his life during that time. The murder of a- troublesome moonshiner results in the conviction of a man who Matt had looked upon as good friend. Convinced that there more to the story, Matt and Beth take the occasion of the homecoming to ask questions of the surviving characters in hopes of fnding out the truth and stopping the nightmares. What they discover only raises more questions; as they learn their friends and fellow citizens will let nothing stop them from “looking out for their own". Both the victim and the convicted murderer, like most of thé peculiar folks in Pruett, were not who they seemed to be.

Fred L. Funk

About Fred L. Funk (Dallas, Texas Author)

Fred L. Funk

Fred L. Funk was born in Denton, Texas, the son of a Methodist minister. His mom was an accountant. He grew up in Denton and Arygle, Texas. Fred graduated from Denton High School and shortly after graduation, he married the love of his life and after fifty-three years he and his bride have proved that young marriages can work. He studied at North Texas State University (now UNT) and transferred to East Texas State to pursue a pre-theology degree, minoring in psychology. After serving for several years as a Methodist minister, he changed his career path to accounting and finance. He found his mother's line of work more to his liking. After thirty-five years with a national retail furniture company, he retired. Twenty years into retirement he discovered his passion for writing.