Moment of Conception – Matt Bugatti #2

Moment of Conception
370 Pages
ISBN 978-1500204259

What...or killing our daughters?

A mysterious illness strikes down teenage girls, while a wave of abortion clinic bombings terrorizes the nation. As the death toll mounts, accusations fly and the battle lines are drawn: a global drug company, a presidential hopeful, and a beautiful and brilliant political operative stake out their positions. When the president forms a fact-finding commission to uncover the truth, he chooses Matt Bugatti, the world-famous mathematician, to lead it. Matt accepts - and enters a world of deception and danger that threatens his life and shatters his most deeply-held beliefs.

Charles O'Donnell

About Charles O'Donnell (Columbus, Ohio Author)

Charles O'Donnell

Charles O’Donnell writes thrillers with high-tech themes in international and futuristic settings. He recently retired from a career of thirty-five years in engineering and manufacturing to write full-time, leveraging his decades of writing experience, mostly email, but, as Charles points out, “that counts.”

His latest project, Shredded, is the product of his fascination with the progress of technology to either augment reality or to replace it entirely, and his concern over the erosion of privacy in a world in which everything is shared online, and nobody reads the terms and conditions.

Charles lives with his wife, Helen, life partner and fellow paranoid in Westerville, Ohio.