Mists of Darkness – Book Two of The Mist Trilogy

Mists of Darkness
244 Pages
ISBN 978-0996661737

Having braved the evil powers in the Dark Kingdom and rescued a lost soul in Behind the Mist, the first book of the Mist Trilogy, Nick and Jazz proved themselves worthy to become members of the Legion of the Unicorn. In a ceremony passed down through the ages, Jazz is endowed with a glowing, amber-colored unicorn horn and a new name: Lazari. Nick becomes his partner as the first-ever unicorn rider.

However, the celebration is short-lived as word reaches Celestia of an ominous, dark mist that descended upon Churchill Downs in Kentucky. When the mist dissipated, several horses had vanished.

The unicorns knew immediately that this was the work of the ruler of the Dark Kingdom, Hasbadana. This wicked unicorn’s desire is to conquer the earth and rule everything on it, including mankind, with an iron hoof.

Again and again, the mist of darkness descends at horse venues around the world. Horses, of all types, breeds, and sizes, disappear in its oppressive gloom. Urijah, the Lord of Celestia, and his Council of the Twelve Ancients watch helplessly, never knowing where it will strike next. Hasbadana’s mist of darkness comes down upon horse shows, herds of wild mustangs, polo matches and rodeos, anywhere there are numerous horses. And when the mist is gone, so are the horses.

Deep in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Hasbadana begins training his army of horses, controlling them through fear and intimidation. The lord of the Dark Kingdom drills his army relentlessly as he strives to prepare them to conquer the earth, one barn at a time, one house at a time, one town at a time.

Will the Legion of the Unicorn be able to stop him? Read Mists of Darkness-Book Two of the Mist Trilogy to discover what happens to Nick and Lazari in this exciting continuation of the acclaimed fantasy, Behind the Mist.

M.J. Evans

About M.J. Evans (Denver, Colorado Author)

M.J. Evans

M.J. Evans was born in Oregon but moved to Colorado as soon as she could! She is a life-long equestrian and has written many horse-themed books, from non-fiction trail guide books for equestrians to middle-grade and YA fantasies and novels.

She lives near Parker, Colorado with her three horses, a standard poodle and her husband of forty-five years. The couple's five fabulous children are scattered around the country and her happiest moments, even more than when she is riding in the mountains, are when she is with her children and grandchildren.

M.J. has been honored many times for her writing talents and she is always humbled when readers, young and old, love her books. She has also served on the board of directors of the Colorado Authors' League.