Metamorphosis – A Monica McDowney Novel

306 Pages
ISBN 978-9492558084

She wasn't looking for trouble--but it found her. Monica McDowney thought her life had hit a new low when she discovers her jerk-of-a-boyfriend failed to mention one tiny detail of his personal life--his marriage! You can't even trust a police detective these days.

But that was before she stumbled upon a woman's obscenely mutilated corpse and the victim's heart-broken Chihuahua. Soon Monica finds herself crossing paths with serial killers--some insane, some coldly calculating--and their evil leader.

Why does this madness keep happening? Can she trust the quiet but odd giant of a man named Bear? And why does her ex-boyfriend keep showing up? Is it all just bad luck, or is some guiding force leading her to a greater destiny to help the victims of unspeakable evil? God is Great--believe or die!

James Ward Kirk

About James Ward Kirk (Indianapolis, Indiana Author)

James Ward Kirk

James Ward Kirk is the author of one novel, Metamorphosis, and one collection of short stories entitled Death Anxiety. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife of twenty-seven years and Lucy the Chihuahua.

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