Martial Lawless – Calm Act Book 3

Martial Lawless
328 Pages
ISBN 978-1533497772

Martial law vs. religion run amok.

"What God demands of us -" Those were the puzzling last words of Major Dane Beaufort, before a mob beat him to death in the street. Beaufort was the martial law Resource Coordinator assigned to lead Pittsburgh through the climate crisis.

The punishment for interfering with a Resco is death. The consequences for murdering one have yet to be devised.

Tech whisperer Dee Baker and her partner Emmett MacLaren led Project Reunion to save New York City. The world watches to see what the hero couple will tackle next, while the opposition sells headlines with every bump in their rocky relationship.

Emmett is available when news hits of his friend Beaufort's murder. The political stakes are higher than the fate of Pittsburgh. The martial law governors care enough to send their best - Emmett and Dee.

Plagued by tornados and isolated from the rest of the world, Pittsburgh has gone rogue. And it's up to them what to do about it. But the forces afoot are darker than they imagined. And Dee's about to fall into their trap.

Ginger Booth

About Ginger Booth (Fairfield County, Connecticut Author)

Ginger Booth

A native of Branford, CT (just east of New Haven), Ginger left on walkabout for 14 years, living in New York City, Denver, Boulder, Dallas, and Tokyo. But she missed the natural beauty of the Connecticut shoreline, and came home.

Ginger is a lifelong writer and computer programmer. The industry just shifts. She's worked in seismic prospecting, microchip design software, ecosystem modeling, and online teaching simulators, especially for environmental issues and fractal mathematics.

Her climate change apocalyptic series, the Calm Act and spinoff Calm Act Feral America, are set in Connecticut and the surrounding area.