Mansion of Stolen Hearts – (Harvey Girls)

Christal Neyses, patissier for the Fred Harvey restaurant at the La Castañeda Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico, disappeared. Her uncle claims she left to be married. Believing Christal would never dishonor her commitment to work as a Harvey Girl for a year before marrying, her roommates, Olivia Wofford, and Alice Clayborne search for her.

Alice’s double life threatens to derail their search. Her secret puts their lives in jeopardy. They discover Christal was stolen and sold to a foreign broker in California. Stonewalled at every turn, with time running out before Christal is shipped to the Orient, they hatch a daring rescue. If they fail, they will never leave the mansion of stolen hearts alive.

Linda Farmer Harris

About Linda Farmer Harris (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Author)

Linda Farmer Harris

Linda (Lin) Farmer Harris and husband Jerry live in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Her passion for the Southwestern Indian Detour Courier Corps, the Harvey Girls, and the Butcher Boys; her travels in Mexico; plus her skills as a nationally certified interpreter for the deaf are included in her historical fiction for adult and middle graders. She enjoys knitting historical patterns such as scarves and hats for The Seamen's Church Institute Christmas at Sea project.

From February 2013 to February 2017, she wrote a blog entry on the 27th of every month for Heroes, Heroines & History— She is now an occasional HH&H contributor.

Readers are welcomed to connect with Lin at and visit her website