Making of a Warrior

Her first year on the Throne of Hulsteria was difficult for Stela. She ended her year alone. In book two, Making of a Warrior, her brother’s disappearance will be explained; her husband’s fate will be uncovered.

Stela focuses on rebuilding the relationships damaged by her decisions, and magic reaches beyond the mysterious Order of the Scientia. The truth of the Imperial bloodline leads Stela down a path that will either cement her future as Empress or bring about her demise. She will face an opponent who will test her resolve and her dedication to her people.

Frank David

About Frank David (Akron, Ohio Author)

Frank David

Frank was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania; the only child of high school sweethearts. His family moved to Virginia when he was five to allow his parents to open a restaurant and fulfill their dream of being their own boss. Unfortunately, as with many families, endless love was not in the cards for his parents and they divorced when he was ten. Frank and his mother moved back to Pennsylvania. Frank found the move difficult, he had trouble fitting in with the kids at his new school. This led to his creation of a fantasy world which helped him deal with the stress of his situation.

This fantasy world became the basis for the characters in his first book, 'Making of an Empress'. He allowed the characters who called his world home to share their stories. Frank plans to write at least three more books in this series; book two, 'Making of a Warrior' should be released by the end of September 2017. He currently resides in Akron, Ohio with his two dogs, Mac and Etsy, and three cats, Boo Boo, Booger, and Emms.

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