Love to Share

A young child whose parents love different people from one another worries he won't be able to love everyone without hurting someone's feelings. His father tells him our hearts are like puzzles and the different people in our lives are the pieces. Every unique piece we add, our hearts become bigger and stronger, and there is always room for another piece. There is always love to share.

Suitable for ages 4 to 8 years.

Ashley LaRue

About Ashley LaRue (Clearwater/St. Cloud, Minnesota Author)

Ashley LaRue

My name is Ashley LaRue, and my passions in life include being the bright light in others' days, inspiring people to love with all they have, and being the best version of myself to teach my three amazing babies, Charlotte, Louis, and Emily how to be compassionate, understanding, and loving to everyone around them. My wonderful husband, Baylen and I just had another precious baby, Lillian, and that is another adventure we are excited to explore!

I've always loved being creative and helping people, and I thought if I could combine the two, that would be the most magnificent thing to be able to do! Hopefully, the books that I write will connect with families everywhere, so that if there is a topic that is not easily discussed, my books can help explore different avenues in talking about it with open communication and love!!!! :) This has been a dream of mine since I've been a child to write books, and I'm so thrilled to finally be LIVING my dream, and showing others, especially my little loves that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

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