Love on Ice – Passion can melt frozen hearts

Love on Ice
357 Pages

An accidental meeting can change your life ...and instant sexual attraction can complicate relationships--especially when two unhappy marriages are at stake. Anna and Abe meet during their daughters' skating lessons, and suddenly find their feelings for one another reflected in the public eye. They quickly discover that expressing the love they've found isn't easy.

Their journey takes them on an exciting adventure into the world of international ice skating. Faced with cultural taboos of the 1960s, this unusual couple has important decisions to make. Will they remain frozen and afraid of change? Or will they believe in themselves—and each other--for the kind love that can change history?

Mary Ray

About Mary Ray (Santa Fe, New Mexico Author)

Mary Ray

Mary Ray has experienced a variety of health and human services careers, including nursing, teaching and counseling. She also serves as an interfaith minister and a life coach, and her greatest passion is for spiritual self-development. She has studied and taught "A Course in Miracles" for nearly twenty years, and strives to live principles in her daily life.

Her book, "Tell the Devil to Go to Hell" is an autobiographical guide to finding inner guidance.

Her two subsequent novels, "Love on Ice" and "The Midas Gift" are, what she terms, "stories about love with a spiritual kick," because, although her books depict men, women, children and families meeting the challenges of everyday life, her characters grow and seek greater meaning in the world -- and a deeper connection with their spiritual awareness.