Louie's Leadership Lessons – Developing Leaders To Develop Leaders Through Lessons Learned From A Rescue Pup

Louie's Leadership Lessons
191 Pages
ISBN 978-1514741597

From the unlikeliest of sources—a rescue pup—you can reap decades of leadership lessons and nuggets of wisdom. Louie’s initial fears and bad behaviors prompted his new owner, author Danise C. DiStasi, to use everything she knew about leadership to work it out.

What Danise learned from and with Louie forms the basis for her simple and streamlined leadership model. For a leader in any organization, this approach boils down numerous leadership studies to one understandable formula. With a few changes in behavior, anyone can become a great leader, and any team can produce great work. One example from Louie’s stories is the PAWS method for dealing with issues. As a leader, it is important to respond professionally and appropriately to conflict, thus avoiding acting in a way you will regret. Stellar leadership has a direct connection to relationship building, and it is this wisdom that forms the basis for Louie’s lessons.

With praise from Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager, this insightful guide reveals how to truly empower a team. By following this model, a leader can take the first step: investing in and understanding others, allowing a true transformation to take place.

Danise DiStasi

About Danise DiStasi (Cincinnati, Ohio Author)

Danise DiStasi

Danise C. DiStasi adopted her rescue dog, Louie, in 2013 in Cincinnati, where she grew up. In addition to being an author, DiStasi is a noted speaker and workshop facilitator. After graduating from Xavier University with a degree in radiologic science, she spent twenty-seven years in the medical industry. Her positions over that time ranged from nuclear product specialist to manager and vice president of sales and marketing.

In 2001 DiStasi began focusing on a career in leadership development and training when she joined the Ken Blanchard Companies. Currently, she is president and chief relationship officer of DiStasi Advisors LLC, where she has been developing leaders to develop leaders through workshops, coaching, and consulting since 2005. Her clients have included Fortune 500 C-level executives and their teams, whom she has coached on leadership, character development, productivity, performance, and team-building solutions. Danise has two grandchildren, and she enjoys gardening and spending time with Louie.

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