Lost Memories – A Nova Garrett Series

Lost Memories
331 Pages
ISBN 1534633735

Novangelia Garrett, aka Nova, wakes up battered and bruised with little memory of her past. Her brother, Conner, and best friend, Kate, have been caring for her and they fight to be her protectors. As her memories come seeping back, she soon realizes that her ability to read minds brings with it pain, so much pain. Her journey to find the truth leads her through trials, more pain, and an unrequited love. When she is finally confronted with her past, it becomes a struggle that she must win or die.

AE Hanaway

About AE Hanaway (Other Author)

AE Hanaway

Born in Batesville, Indiana. She grew up in Ripley County Indiana. She currently lives in Jennings County Indiana, with her husband James. Together, they raised eight boys and one girl. she is a very proud grandmother of seventeen grandchildren. She has always loved to write, and with the inspiration from her family and friends the stories are becoming very interesting. An avid reader that gravitates toward the paranormal and some romance. she is also a crafter; loves crocheting, sewing, and gardening. Loves canning and cooking for family and friends. A.E. Hanaway is not immortal, or vampire, or even shape-shifter, but she thinks that it would be cool to have those attributes. The ideas for her stories come from two things: her previous job at a county jail, her children and grandchildren. They are a story in themshelves. They are strong willed and can often have a bossy attitude. When you mix those personalities with the stories from her previous job, it was natural that she would put those things to paper.