Lost Betrayal

Lost Betrayal
248 Pages
ISBN 978-1496199959


Sage is just getting her life back together when a tornado touches down and destroys her family ranch in northern Georgia taking her hopes, her dreams and the very horse that the ranch’s future hinges on. An ex rodeo cowboy with a past, Garrett has sworn off rodeo and the last thing he needs is entanglement with a woman on a wild horse chase but there’s too many unanswered questions, such as how a horse could stay gone so long.

Refusing to believe her horse was killed in the storm and refusing to give up on the ranch, Sage begins the journey of rebuilding her life once again and searching for the horse that to her, holds the past and her future. Sordid secrets and malicious betrayal jeopardize her efforts. Is she strong enough to push past the hurt and the lies in order to get back all she holds dear?

F.J. Thomas

About F.J. Thomas (Knoxville, Tennessee Author)

F.J. Thomas

A southern gal with a western heart, F.J. Thomas resides in east Tennessee with the love of her life who is a retired race horse trainer and former professional bull rider, and a menagerie of horses, cats, and dogs. Working full time in the healthcare industry, F.J. is currently focusing the rest of her time on writing the film script for Lost Betrayal and building a new tiny home.

A multi-genre author, F.J. started writing in high school and never looked back. A romance and short story author with Solstice Publishing, she also writes children's picture books under the name Jewel Thomas. Her newest children's book, Pedro's Problemo about a chihuahua that has to ride a horse to prove he's royalty from Mexico, will be released with Dingbat Publishing in November 2017. In addition to writing books, F.J. has written equine articles that have appeared in America's Horse, Horse & Ranch Magazine, and Hoofbeats.

F.J. writes the motivational and lifestyle blog, Cowgirls With Curves, and the horse-focused writer's blog, Talking In The Barn.

Her real life pursuit of the cowgirl lifestyle has provided plenty of first-hand experience and inspiration for writing books a southern twist. Read less

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