Little Farm in the Foothills – A Boomer Couple's Search for the Slow Life

Little Farm in the Foothills
210 Pages
ISBN 9780981607702

In this feel-good tale for gardeners, nature-lovers, and dreamers of all ages, Little Farm in the Foothills follows a midlife couple’s pursuit of the “new” Great American Dream—living closer to the land—as they start growing their own food, ‘living locally,’ and transforming an old clearcut into a little homestead.

Despite a tight budget and many roadblocks along the way, they must also cope with unexpected adversity like isolation, infrastructure failures, and extreme weather. Little Farm in the Foothills is not a memoir about farming…it’s a warmhearted story of making a dream come true. As Susan writes of their Foothills home, “it’s not a farm, it’s not even a ‘farmette,’ but it’s the dream of a farm.”

A Washington State Library “Summer Reads” book selection: “The Browne’s foray into slower living in Whatcom County is an enjoyable read. Their delightful, yet very real, experiences in making the big leap toward their dreams make for a humorous and charming book.” —Washington State Librarian Jan Walsh

Susan Colleen Browne

About Susan Colleen Browne (Bellingham, Washington Author)

Susan Colleen Browne

Susan Colleen Browne weaves her love of Ireland and her passion for country living into her Village of Ballydara series, novels and stories of love, friendship and family set in the Irish countryside. She’s also the author of an award-winning memoir, Little Farm in the Foothills, as well as the Morgan Carey fantasy-adventure series for tweens.

Susan’s Irish novels include It Only Takes Once, Mother Love, and The Hopeful Romantic, as well as short stories The Secret Well and The Christmas Visitor. Set in the Pacific Northwest, the Morgan Carey series includes Morgan Carey and The Curse of the Corpse Bride, Morgan Carey and The Mystery of the Christmas Fairies, and The Secret Astoria Scavenger Hunt.

A community college creative writing instructor, Susan runs a mini-farm in the foothills of the Pacific Northwest. Coming in 2017: The Galway Girls, Book 4 of the Ballydara series, and a Little Farm in the Foothills follow-up memoir, Little Farm Homegrown.