Lawless Measures – Vigilante—The Fight Continues

Lawless Measures
240 Pages
ISBN 978-1594334931

Walter Eloy Goe, crime fighter and vigilante for justice, takes on a Palatini project aimed at eliminating the Mafias sex trafficking of underage girls along the New York and Canadian border. The operation morphs into an all-out war when the Palatini’s lead asset for the project, Anna Sasins, goes missing and is presumed murdered by the Abbandanza crime family.

Walter splits with the Palatini Knighthood when he's ordered by Society Palatini Grand Master, Maximillian Karnage, to abandon Anna and to tie off the operation. Walter takes his one-man war to the mob in methods they understand. Body count climbs as he abducts and interrogates mobsters mafia style.

The war heats up when two Palatini Knights join Walter in his lust for blood. Together they set out to revenge Anna’s death and to annihilate the Toronto based crime family engaged in the sex trade involving kidnapped underage girls.

Lyle O'Connor

About Lyle O'Connor (Anchorage, Alaska Author)

Lyle O'Connor

Hello and welcome to my page. I’m happy you chose to stop by for a glimpse behind the scenes at this crime writer. A little about my background will help you understand my passion for crime thrillers.

My career in adolescent behavioral health and institutional psychiatric care spanned more than two decades. One of my tasks on the units was to observe and document client behaviors. Through this exposure, I learned firsthand of the victim’s sufferings, mental, emotional, and physical. During the last eight years of my career, I was assigned to the forensic unit at Alaska Psychiatric Institute where I brushed elbows with the most terrifying and bizarre criminals in State custody.

Retiring in 2008 from State employment I reentered the workforce in the oilfields of Prudhoe Bay. In the frozen wastelands of the Arctic, I found solitude and time to reflect on my chosen profession which provided the basis for my crime writing. In 2013 the fictional vigilante character that carries a trace of my DNA came to life in the first book of the Palatini series, “Due Process.” Since then “Lawless Measures” and “Blood Appeal” have continued the vigilante’s righteous crusade. I’m excited to announce, “Blue Edge,” book four of the series will be available in early 2018.

Join with me on a journey into darkness, into the realm of the vigilante killer. Share his thoughts, emotions, pain, and need to right the wrongs where the judicial system had failed. Tough and principled, he cannot be bought and cannot be bargained with. As one reader wrote, “He is the man all real men emulate in their dreams.”

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