La Bruja del Barrio Loco – #2 In La Bruja del Barrio Loco Series

La Bruja del Barrio Loco
118 Pages
ISBN 1717751636

Thirty-year-old Elisa Sandoval wants nothing more than to get her graduate degree in Women’s History and hopefully, marry her boyfriend Greg. But, when she encounters a real witch in a Mexican supernatural shop, and she slights the old woman over a seemingly trivial matter, Elisa’s life becomes an unimaginable hell.

Stalked ruthlessly for weeks, Elisa comes face to face with magic and chaos straight out of the cuentos, fairy tales her mother told her as a child. Yet, she must set her logic aside as the nightmare continues, and Elisa is incarcerated for a murder she did not commit.

Dr. Maria J. Estrada

About Dr. Maria J. Estrada (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Dr. Maria J. Estrada

DR. MARIA ESTRADA holds a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition from Washington State University. She grew up in the desert outside of Yuma, Arizona in a barrio comprised of new Mexican immigrants and first-generation Chicanos. Drawing from this setting and experiences, she writes in numerous genres from serious fiction to horror, and often spins out poetry. She is a tenured faculty member in English and lives in Chicago, Illinois with her wonderful, supportive husband, two remarkable children, and two mischievous cats. Her other publications include The Long Walk (with Paranoia: The Corrido of Andrea Quinta), La Bruja in the Orchard (Book 1), La Bruja del Barrio Loco (Book 2), and Wolf Trek. You can learn more about her other books and writing happenings at