Killing the Curse

Killing the Curse
368 Pages
ISBN 978-0938467991

The Chicago Cubs haven't won a World Series for more than 100 years or even played in one since 1945. Now they're positioned to win the Series for the first time since 1908--if only curses and bad luck don't haunt them as usual. That's what happens when a swarm of gnats helps the Boston Red Sox tie the Series at three games each. To kill the curse, the Cubs must win Game 7 in Chicago.

‚ÄčNo one wants the Cubs to win more than Luke Murphy, President of the United States and lifelong fan. Leading the chorus of disbelievers is Murphy's boyhood friend, Bob Walters, a sports radio talk-show host with a beautiful daughter and a big ego who built ratings by being 'the man Cub fans love to hate.'

The Cubs have someone else on their side--a brilliant, crazed fan who will do anything to make sure they win. Anything. It starts with an attack on the father of Boston's best pitcher and grows into an escalating threat that could destroy Murphy's career, expose childhood secrets, and kill hundreds of innocent people.

Everything comes to a head as Game Seven unfolds--a game the Cubs must win no matter what.

Dennis Hetzel

About Dennis Hetzel (Columbus, Ohio Author)

Dennis Hetzel

As a journalist for many years, Dennis Hetzel says he sometimes was accused of writing fiction, but he did the real thing with his award-winning political thrillers that explore the costs paid to succeed at the highest levels. "Killing the Curse" and "Season of Lies" also uniquely blend twists from the world of professional sports.

Hetzel is the executive director of the Ohio News Media Association in Columbus, Ohio. He began his career as a weekly newspaper sports editor in the Chicago suburbs where he grew up. He has been a reporter, editor, general manager and publisher at several newspapers, including the Cincinnati Enquirer. Dennis has won numerous awards for writing, industry leadership and community service, and he also taught journalism at Penn State and Temple universities.

Dennis has a political science degree from Western Illinois University, where he met his wife, Cheryl, a retired educator. Dennis also is an active member of Columbus Rotary and as a board member of the Capitol Square Foundation. He and his wife will be moving to their home in Holden Beach, NC, later in 2019.

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