Jeremy Biggs – Born Too Late

Jeremy Biggs
158 Pages
ISBN 1542761646

Kirkus Reviews: "Splendid and enchanting, this book offers a sad, sweet, and entertaining time-travel story."

Jeremy Biggs is a soccer star at West Central High School. As a member of the in-group, he says the right things, acts the right way. The script, he calls it. But sometimes he wonders about something different, maybe being the guy in the white hat, the one who rescues damsels in distress. But the girls don't need rescuing. Or do they? Maybe it's Jeremy who needs rescuing.

In addition to girls, Jeremy's thoughts are about a hoped-for soccer scholarship and the big plans he has for the summer. But Jeremy's plans come to a halt when he is needed hundreds of miles away in Vermont to help care for his grandfather who is recovering from a stroke. One day, while exploring, Jeremy stumbles across a burned out one-room schoolhouse. He is later told a tragedy occurred there, all lives lost. It happened sometime in the early 1900's. When Jeremy returns to the school and steps inside, he thinks he's losing his mind. School is in session. For Jeremy, life will never be the same, especially when he falls in love with one of the students.

Joan Schmeichel

About Joan Schmeichel (Traverse City, Michigan Author)

Joan Schmeichel

Joan (that's me) is the author of eight books, ages ranging from middle school to young adult. (Mature adults can read them too.) I began writing years ago but I set it aside to work at the University of Michigan. I started as a temporary employee on a reading research project where I wrote fiction and non-fiction for workbooks for grade levels 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Later on I worked as a development officer in Annual Giving. Before the University, I did some freelance work writing copy for brochures, ads, etc. My degree was in sociology with an internship in psychiatric social work, neither of which I put to use.

Upon retirement I went back to writing. I confess I kept a letter from years ago because of this quotation: "Your writing style has an unstated simplicity which I find absolutely haunting." That was from Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. in response to a sparsely written manuscript I sent them. (Now you couldn't do that without an agent.) Unfortunately, what Knopf liked was never finished until recently. Now it's The Times of Laura Grey. As for my writing, I am committed to continuing the style of "unstated simplicity."

My husband Neill and I are both retired and living in Kewadin, Michigan. We have sixteen grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. I spend a lot of time, in addition to writing, playing golf and working on Kakura puzzles.