Jackal in the Mirror – Book Three of the Perils of a Reluctant Psychic

Jackal in the Mirror
313 Pages
Dragonfly Media
ISBN 0692136738

Eureka, California, the Victorian seaport famous for its paranormal stories and tales of hauntings, is where psychic sleuth Sarah Thompson once again takes center stage. She’s thrust into a disturbing mystery when she finds an old book in a timeworn bookstore, and a terrifying scream escapes from its pages.

The voice emanating from the book insists that Sarah must help. But refuses to say who, how, or why. The only clue it offers is an ominous novel filled with scenes of illicit passion, deception, and murder. When the book mysteriously transforms into a collection of poems, Sarah is stumped.

Can she decipher the secrets held by the defiant spirit in the haunted book in time to prevent another murder?

Away from the safety of her husband and home, Sarah is on her own to follow a perilous search to uncover the threat and save the lives of unsuspecting victims.

V. & D. Povall

About V. & D. Povall (San Diego, California Author)

V. & D. Povall

V. & D. Povall are a husband and wife writing team that has authored and published nonfiction manuals and articles as well as written four short screenplays, six full-length screenplays, several novels, and are currently polishing a science-fiction epic.

The Perils of a Reluctant Psychic is a suspense-mystery series introducing Sarah’s extrasensory abilities and her exceptional talent for unraveling mysteries. Currently published are The Gift of the Twin Houses, Secrets of Innocence, and Jackal in the Mirror.

Under development are An Educated Death, Book One of the Justin Pierce murder mystery series introducing a modern Robin Hood; and Minder’s Labyrinth, Book One of the Chronicles of Kelahya, a suspense thriller set in the 25th Century.

Between them, they possess a doctorate and years of practical experience in film, television, and theater. Thanks to their rich international family backgrounds, they bring to the page a variety of experiences and points of view. They speak several languages and have lived in different cultures.

For more information, please visit their website at www.2authors.com.

Victoria Povall

About Victoria Povall (Co-Author)

Victoria Povall

Victoria grew up in a family of artists and storytellers. Her father was an author and theater director. He was appointed as Artistic Director of the Royal Theater in Spain. Victoria’s mother was a well-known theatrical costume designer. From an early age Victoria participated in the critique process of her father’s novels, screenplays, and plays, as well as her mother’s designs. She wrote and staged her first play while in High School. This creative practice propelled her life-long passion for story telling that stimulates imagination.

David Povall

About David Povall (Co-Author)

David Povall

David is a producer, director, and actor who has been involved in films, television, and theater. When he entered drama school he wrote his first play, and over the years has written poetry, short stories, and screenplays. He grew up surrounded by historians (his mother being one of them), anthropologists, and archeologists. These experiences informed him with a deep understanding of other cultures, both ancient and modern.