Jack Stories – Favorite Memories of Jack Jordan Ammann Jr

Jack Jordan Ammann Jr was smart, funny, opinionated,assertive, upbeat, generous, tenacious, independent, determined, self-confident, perfectionistic, and unconventional. He enjoyed three careers during his lifetime: industrial engineer, peace officer, and school bus driver. His interests were many—amateur radio, guns, cars, and collecting (watches, key chains, flashlights, you name it).

After Jack's death, friends shared their favorite "Jack stories," funny and serious, short and long. Jack touched many lives with his generosity, strong personality, loyalty, kindness, and humor. Enjoy favorite memories of a special man.

Lillie Ammann

About Lillie Ammann (San Antonio, Texas Author)

Lillie Ammann

Lillie always dreamed of writing someday—suffering a stroke made her realize that someday had arrived. As soon as she could, she sold the interior landscape business she had owned and operated for nearly twenty years and started a new career as a freelance writer. She has published three novels—Stroke of Luck, a contemporary romance; Dream or Destiny, a romantic mystery, and Fern's Fancies, a contemporary romance; as well as a nonfiction book of memories of her husband—Jack Stories; and several short how-to ebooks.

As a freelancer, she works with authors and publishers to prepare manuscripts for publication; writes and edits business documents; and helps families and individuals compile family histories and memoirs. She especially enjoys helping self-publishing authors navigate the publishing maze and likes to think of herself as a book midwife.

Lillie, who is widowed, lives in San Antonio, Texas.