Introduction to Childcare – An Overview for the Aspiring Professional Caregiver

Introduction to Childcare
60 Pages
ISBN 1717795897

The "Introduction to Childcare" workbook offers flexibility for the student and teacher. The material gives information about childcare professions, fundamentals, and encourages self-study and reflection to help the student determine which career path he or she would like to pursue. The workbook is also organized in a way to provide flexibility for teachers to present lessons in a style that best suits their creativity while still providing a general guideline that everyone will follow.

Originally, designed to meet a local school’s learning objectives, "Introduction to Childcare" is beneficial to high school students as well as those already in the field. The short readings and lessons reduce anxiety because of length of pages and encourage the students to personalize the study to help discover how they can improve their skills and environment while finding ways to tap into their abilities to help create the best childcare setting they can for their clients.

"Introduction to Childcare" includes topics on: - Careers in Childcare - Abuse and Neglect - Confidentiality - Personal Skills - Communicating with Families and Co-workers - Professional Organizations - Safety - Nutrition and Meal Planning - Inclusion and Diversity - and more…

Miko Marsh

About Miko Marsh (Hampton Roads, Virginia Author)

Miko Marsh

Miko Marsh is a mother, author, caregiver, instructor, and motivator. She earned a degree in psychology from Old Dominion University and certification in Early Childhood Care Education from Chattahoochee Technical College. She has worked directly with individuals in behavioral facilities and has owned her own daycare.

Her author credits include books related to caregiving, an educational workbook for introduction to childcare, and personal transformation. Many of her articles, blogs, blurbs, and notes are posted online through different ministries, organizations, and businesses for which she was a ghostwriter or contributor. Miko’s main writing areas include Bible-based topics, caregiving, personal growth, and interpersonal communications. However, she will sometimes write things to amuse herself because she loves to laugh.

In addition to homeschooling her children for a few years, she has given instruction in piano, reading music, mathematics, as well as other areas. She enjoys supporting others, helping them to find areas in which they can shine, and seeing people of all ages and abilities reach their individual goals. She currently resides in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.