Into the Serpent's Head – Book One: Church Kids

Into the Serpent's Head
56 Pages
ISBN 1535295163

“In 2006, I went into the mountains of Oaxaca in search of the supernatural. This is the story of what I found.”

When author David J. Schmidt traveled to the remote village of San Juan Coatzóspam, deep in the mountains of southern Mexico, he didn’t know what to expect. He had heard rumors of strange phenomena—of unusual creatures and inexplicable sightings. In this community of native Mixtec people, he found a place where the “paranormal” is normal, where the spiritual is wrapped up in the mundane, where ancient traditions are still alive.

He also found a town struggling to survive. This community of coffee farmers taught Schmidt how much sweat and blood goes into making coffee, and how those who work the hardest are paid the least. Coatzóspam is the face of rural Mexico and the face of millions of coffee farmers across the world.

In this first installment in “The Serpent’s Head” series, the author prepares to journey into the mountains. In northern Mexico, where he first met people from Coatzóspam, he says goodbye to the certainties and security of his childhood. This is the story of one person’s journey out of religious fundamentalism, out of absolutism, and into the deep unknown.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the coffee farmers of Coatzóspam.

David J. Schmidt

About David J. Schmidt (San Diego, California Author)

David J. Schmidt

David J. Schmidt is an author, podcaster, multilingual translator, and homebrewer who splits his time between Mexico City and San Diego, California.

Schmidt has published a variety of books, short stories, and articles in English and Spanish. His English-language titles include such works of “non-fiction horror” as Three Nights in the Clown Motel, and Holy Ghosts: True Tales from a Haunted Christian College, as well as The Tiny Staircase series, devoted to the mysterious and the unexplained. His Spanish-language books Más frío que la nieve: cuentos sobrenaturales de Rusia and Tunguska: luces en el cielo sobre Siberia were published nationwide in Mexico.

Schmidt is the co-host of the podcast To Russia with Love. He speaks twelve languages and has been to 33 countries. He received his B.A. in psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University.