Into the Black – Book I: Game Start

Into the Black
91 Pages

The first truly immersive Virtual Reality system has just been announced. Made by NERV, the EVA-series immersion pods promise a Better Than Life experience, unlike anything that's been seen before. Gone are clunky goggles and wired controls. Now you simply lie down, and the machine does all the work.

Following up on their previous hit games, NERV has created the first true VRMMORPG, a sci-fi offering called Dreams Amongst the Stars. Because of the impressive display he made during the closed Beta of the game, one player has been offered a contract as a paid streamer, and the chance to play the game on the highest difficulty possible. Watch as he forges his own path, into the black.

Stuart Grosse

About Stuart Grosse (Atlanta, Georgia Author)

Stuart Grosse

Stuart is a sci-fi and anime geek, as well as a hobbyist when it comes to gaming, both in video games and in tabletop games. He has a pronounced tendency to play spellcasters of some sort. As he puts it, "There is something therapeutic about throwing fireballs at fools, even if it is just imaginary."

He enjoys cosplaying and has gone to DragonCon annually since 2009. Typically can be found lurking around the Anime/Manga track, Sci-fi and Fantasy lit tracks, or taking pictures and peoplewatching in the crowd. Also helps with the DragonCon Newbies group.

Frozen Soul was his first book, followed by his better known Rules-Free VRMMO Life, Into the Black, and Lewd Dungeon. He prefers to write in an irreverent style, placing warning labels on all his books to warn off those who are too thin-skinned. The majority of his books involve villains as protagonists, and evil people are going to do evil things.