How Far is Heaven? – Louise Golden Mysteries Book 2

How Far is Heaven?
240 Pages
Hoaka Moon Publishing
ISBN 0615588859

Christmas is never easy for mail carriers. But for Louise Golden, the season of good cheer is about to become a nightmare. Exhausted after a long day of delivering mail in nasty weather, Louise is heading back to the station when, through the heavy rain, a ghostlike figure appears in her headlights. Louise hits her brakes, but it’s too late. The girl is taken to the hospital, unconscious. Who is she? What was she doing in the middle of the road on a rainy night, dressed only in an oversized tee-shirt? Why hasn’t anyone reported her missing? When Jane Doe regains consciousness, she remembers nothing—not even her own name. Louise befriends the frightened girl, who then disappears. Louise is suspended from work during the accident investigation, and uses her time to search for the missing girl. Meanwhile, with the holiday in full swing around her, Louise is confronted with religious traditions she feels no connection to. And how in the world is she supposed to sort out her relationships with the four men in her life? Each one seems almost right, and yet so completely wrong. Sexier and grittier than Almost Paradise, the second Louise Golden mystery takes the reader on a true Hawaiian roller coaster ride.

Laurie  Hanan

About Laurie Hanan (Hawaii Author)

Laurie  Hanan

Laurie’s childhood was spent in the islands of the South Pacific with a father who pioneered air travel in some of the remotest parts of the world. Her love for the islands, their culture and people, is evident in everything she writes. After retiring from the Honolulu Airport post office Laurie began a new career, writing a cozy/edgy mystery series about a Kaneohe mail carrier who can’t mind her own business. Laurie recently published her first teen mystery, The Rainbow Connection, a spinoff from her series. She now resides in Kapolei, Hawaii with her husband, youngest son, and a sassy Westie.