Honor Among Outcasts – DarkHorse Trilogy, Book 2

Honor Among Outcasts
247 Pages
ISBN 1-946920-31-2

Trapped in a terrifying cycle of murder and revenge, a Southern abolitionist, Durksen Hurst, his fiancée Antoinette DuVallier, and their friends — a group of undocumented slaves — become embroiled in Missouri's brutal guerrilla war. Suspected of spying for the Confederacy, Durk and Antoinette soon find themselves entangled in a struggle for their very survival.

Honor Among Outcasts takes readers on a pulse-pounding journey of desperate men and women caught up in the merciless forces of hatred and fear that tear worlds apart, and the healing power of friendship to bring them together. Available now in print and Kindle editions.

Ed Protzel

About Ed Protzel (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Ed Protzel

Ed Protzel has authored four novels published by TouchPoint Press: Historical novels THE LIES THAT BIND, HONOR AMONG OUTCASTS, SOMETHING IN MADNESS (DarkHorse Trilogy, centering on the friendship between abolitionist Durksen Hurst and a group of black men, from 1859-65) ; and THE ANTIQUITIES DEALER, suspense thriller in which a risk-averse gallery owner is seduced by his enigmatic former lover into a quixotic quest to clone Jesus Christ. Ed has an M.A. in English Literature/Creative Writing from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Find him at: www.edprotzel.com.