Holy Ghosts – True Tales from a Haunted Christian College

Holy Ghosts
358 Pages
ISBN 1511704675

Do you believe in ghosts?

When doors and windows open on their own, when footsteps echo down an empty hall, when shadows move in the darkness and voices whisper when no one is around...what is going on? These are the experiences that stick with us, frighten us, incite our imaginations, and, ultimately, connect us to the past.

Skeptics and believers alike are sure to be captivated by author David J. Schmidt's case study of Point Loma Nazarene University, a private Christian college in California that is filled with tales of poltergeists and apparitions. Originally built by a mysterious group of enigmatic Occultists known as the "Theosophists," the college is said to be haunted by the group's leader, Madame Tingley. Schmidt's retelling of these chilling stories both terrifies and lifts the shroud of mystery behind the hauntings as he compares them to other spectral stories from around the world. In coming to understand the ghosts of one college, the author hopes to broaden our understanding of hauntings as a worldwide phenomenon.

You are invited to join him in his search...if you dare.

David J. Schmidt

About David J. Schmidt (San Diego, California Author)

David J. Schmidt

David J. Schmidt is an author, podcaster, multilingual translator, and homebrewer who splits his time between Mexico City and San Diego, California.

Schmidt has published a variety of books, short stories, and articles in English and Spanish. His English-language titles include such works of “non-fiction horror” as Three Nights in the Clown Motel, and Holy Ghosts: True Tales from a Haunted Christian College, as well as The Tiny Staircase series, devoted to the mysterious and the unexplained. His Spanish-language books Más frío que la nieve: cuentos sobrenaturales de Rusia and Tunguska: luces en el cielo sobre Siberia were published nationwide in Mexico.

Schmidt is the co-host of the podcast To Russia with Love. He speaks twelve languages and has been to 33 countries. He received his B.A. in psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University.

Website: www.holyghoststories.com